Toyota came with an epic product launch for their Toyota CH-R: an unforgettable drive-through theatre experience called ‘The night that flows’. This amazing event took place in Londen, but our very own influencer agency 3sixtyfive made sure everyone in the Netherlands could enjoy it as well.

We knew upfront that this experience was once in a lifetime, and capturing such a happening can be hard. How can the audience at home experience it the best? 

Influencer Laura Ponticorvo in combination with Snapchat goggles was the perfect match. Not only are influencers experts in capturing content, they are also a major touchpoint with the target audience. The content we created with Laura was exactly what Toyota needed.

With the Snapchat goggles, Laura created multiple 10-30 second videos for her fans, who experienced the event almost literally through her eyes. She reached over 504,000 views and the stunt even won a Bronze Lovie Award in the category of Online Advertising - Social Media

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