Being one of the two biggest players in cinema exploitation in the Netherlands, Vue Cinemas faces critical challenges involving vast amounts of users. We helped them grow their online ticket sales, building and refining a robust commercial website and app.

Everything on their platform boils down to solving human problems. that’s why we strive for optimal user experience with a design that resonates with the users. From the movie-going experience to getting your movie tickets in the easiest way possible, all must be part of the Vue experience.

Februari 14th 2016, the well known dutch cinema brand “JT bioscopen” was re-branded to “Vue Cinema’s”. After extensive work on the online re-branding, we set out to improve customer engagement  and the conversion rates on ticket sales and other less obvious goals.

We currently provide the Vue experience to just about [not specified] user a day. Over the past years resulting in [not specified] accounts created and [not specified] online tickets sold in 2019.We are very proud to be working with Vue Cinema’s, and by no means are we done

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